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Raise Your Trading to the Next Level

Tried and True Strategies Technical analysis has been employed to gain a competitive edge by both institutional and retail investors for decades. Recently, the dawn of big data has facilitated major innovations in this space.
Reliability and Convenience I offer both cloud and local options for hosting my software. Whether you want your trading software deployed in the cloud or your on local computer, I will assist in finding the most affordable and reliable hosting options for you;.
Platform Flexibility My software interacts with official broker APIs in order to automate trades and analysis. Currently, my software is built to interact with Binance, Alpaca, and TD Ameritrade.
Transparency On this website you will soon be able to watch my algorithms perform in real time! I pride myself on being open with regard to how the market affects the performance of my tools.
Consistency The markets are crazy and always will be. Computers can help by limiting the variability in your trading. My scripts will do that by functioning off of consistent principles regardless of context.
Ease of Integration Through my services, you can have a fully automated portfolio without any technical expertise.

About Me

Software and finance are my two passions, in my products, both shine through. I have worked on projects both private and open source dealing with the technology behind the democratization of finance , including but not limited to cutting edge machine learning models for analyzing headlines to predict asset prices, frameworks for the swift development and integration of trading algorithms in portfolios of all sizes and needs, and data models that have yielded approximately 20% annual return.


Portfolios Automated I have years of experience working as an independent practice and on several freelancing platforms.


Annual Return(2021-2022) My tools have demonstrated profitability under ideal market conditions, while this is not a guarantee, it has occured.


Trading Day Crashes My software does not crash while trading.. Once it is running in the cloud, it runs. I utilize thorough testing suites to ensure that you do not enter any trades and crash before exit.

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About Me

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